For the uninitiated, the world of sailing can feel somewhat daunting. With different vessels and their respective configurations, as well as various destinations to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin.

You can book a cabin or an entire yacht, take a crew or sail solo. Adventure with us or explore on your own. Our role at Mariner Boating is to demystify the decision-making process for you, tailoring our products to your individual needs and assigning the highest possible value to your holiday experience.

Group Sailing

Our most popular hosted sailing experiences are our yacht rallies, which take place annually to a range of pre-determined destinations. You can join one on your own, meeting other like-minded travellers and staying in your own cabin, or book your own yacht from our fleet and travel with friends.


Tailor-Made Sailing

If group travel isn't quite your thing, then chartering your own yacht may be a great alternative. Bareboat yacht charters offer privacy and freedom, while a crewed charter is a luxurious, hassle free option.

Mariner Boating Holidays can help you plan, select and book the best yacht for your holiday in a range of countries worldwide.


If you have a slightly different experience in mind, we also have gulets available for either private use or cabin charter within the Mediterranean (Turkey, Croatia and Greece).

A gulet (pronounced goo-let) is a crewed motor sailor yacht, and we have a sizable fleet for you to choose from. Each gulet comes with a professional crew (captain, chef, deckhands and hostess), ensuring that you have an ultimately relaxing and enjoyable time from start to finish.

Other Experiences

Charter a fishing trawler? Cruise on a historic paddle steamer? Explore the unknown on a small cargo ship cruise?

Your trip doesn't have to have sails for Mariner Boating to help. We have a collection of unique ways to get on the water, click below to discover some of our favourites.