Charter your own yacht

Bareboat & Crewed Yacht Charters

Sailing free and exploring the seas, beaches and bays of an idyllic location sounds wonderful and it is.  Experience the joy of swimming free from the deck of a yacht, anchoring in a tiny quiet bay, dropping into the remote rustic restaurant set under the shade of pine trees touching the shore. It is all possible.

We can assist you with where to begin, deciding the best time of the year to visit, what to take, how long to plan to stay, where to start and end, and all the other questions you have not even thought of yet.

Below are some of the very good reasons for booking your yacht charter through us:

1. Discuss your holiday plans in English with a consultant who has a raft of knowledge about many of the destinations
2. Let us deal with the suppliers and collate a choice of yachts that meet your preferences
3. Benefit from the security of our long standing and trusting relationships with local suppliers
4. Pay in Australian dollars and avoid international bank fees
5. Get help planning the lead up to your embarkation, your sailing itinerary and your onward journey
6. Be well supported while on your sailing holiday to get the local information you need to get the best out of the trip
7. We always use trusted suppliers but things can go wrong. If your yacht presents with issues while on board and you need to follow up after disembarkation, we will deal with the local service provider on your behalf for the best outcome.

Bareboat charters - Sail your own yacht

Bareboat yacht charters provide the utmost in freedom and privacy – sail where ever you want, whenever you want to, with whoever you want!

For anyone new to sailing, a bareboat yacht is a boat with no crew. In other words, you and your group will be sailing the yacht yourselves as the skipper and crew. This requires some knowledge, skill and accreditation though. If you want to hire a car you must have proof that you can drive – yacht hire is no different.

If you know a skipper who has all the skills and knows the area you want to sail in then you are sorted. If not, Mariner Boating is able to help to book a professional skipper to assist.

Crewed Yacht Charters

Another option for a first time charter or luxury experience may be to organise a Crewed Yacht Charter. These are usually larger yachts or often purpose built catamarans, sleeping 10 or even up to 12 people in spacious cabins with their own ensuites.

Crewed charters will always consist of at least a skipper and cook, but often also have a deckhand or extra host on board as well. The crew will prepare meals and service the cabin as they would on a cruise ship. But the intimate nature of this holiday option allows you the luxury of choice including where to stop, when to swim, enjoy a BBQ on board or take a canoe and explore.

Mariner Boating can help book your bareboat and crewed charters here in Australia or overseas.

Call us today on 02 9966 1244 or enquire below to start planning your idyllic sailing experience.