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Syndicated yacht ownership with Yacht Share Mariner is the stress free passport to set off on your voyage of discovery – all you need to do is place your bags on board and cast off. We manage the rest! As owner of a private yacht you have the time and freedom to sail where you please, stay for as long as you like, anchor in bays that astound you with their solitude or to moor in the most sophisticated ports of the world. All for a fraction of the cost.


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Key Benefits

Walk on walk off

You book your time online, pack your bags, travel to the base, untie the ropes and set off on your journey. We do the rest.

We offer advice for your itinerary and are available with help during your voyage should you need it.

No hassles and complete

Best Value

Your capital and running costs are shared, along with the precious time you save before and after you use your boat.

Shared ownership can reduce your boating costs by 60% when compared with the cost of chartering a similar yacht for the same amount of time.


Our partners are the experts. SK Yachting from their base in Marmaris in the Mediterranean run 40 yachts for private owners in addition to a 30-yacht charter fleet.

In Australia our partner is world leader Dream Yacht Charter, with over a 1,000 yachts operating from over 50 bases across the world.

YSM Experience

Mariner Boating Holidays has 35 years of experience in the Australian boating holiday business. This is the guarantee underwriting your success.

75% of Mariner Boating clients are repeat or referral bookings. To date 55% of Yacht Share Mariner clients have come from Mariner Boating.

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