Yacht Share Mariner
Share the Yacht, Live the Dream

"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than those you did. So throw off the bow-lines, Sail away from safe harbour, Catch the wind in your sails. Explore, dream, discover."

Just imagine as part of a Yacht Share Mariner yacht syndicate you will sail from some of the most stunning ports in the world, explore places of unspoiled beauty and meet wonderful people. Being a private owner you will have time and freedom to go where you please, stop where you like for as long as you like. You’ll anchor in bays that will astound you with their solitude and tiny ports with a quay you will reverse into before you walk all of 20 meters to the nearest restaurant.

Stress free, as an owner when you are ready to set off on your own personal voyage of discovery all you need to do is place your bags on board and count your crew so that we can untie the lines. We are associated with the builders of the best mono-hulls and catamarans in the world; Fountaine Pajot and Dufour. Each new syndicate starts with a new boat so that you benefit from the service that stands behind the boat. The specifications and equipment of each boat are different but everything reflects excellence and style.

Shared ownership of a yacht based in the Mediterranean is now possible through Yacht Share Mariner, from our home port in Marmaris, Turkey. Experience matters, our partner there runs a fleet of 40 privately owned yachts and 30 charter yachts, so his staff have all the skills we need to run your boat to the highest of standards.

Yacht Share Mariner is now a Mariner Boating Holidays business and our 30 years’ experience sailing in the Mediterranean will ensure the success of your adventures onboard your own yacht.

Should you wish to chat about sailing in the Mediterranean, please feel free to call Trevor Joyce on 0412 295 656 any time.

2 Shares are currently available for a ASTREA 42 based in The Med or click below to explore the boat syndicate option that is right for you

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